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Crimes of Passion at the X Bar in Sunnyvale

We played at a venue called X Bar Saturday night. It's always nice to see so many familiar faces in the crowd, and also some new ones. We have been working on an original set for a while now and are ready to show everyone what we've got going!

[Crimes of Passion live at the X Bar]


Ramin and Ryan hanging out after the show watching the Rock of Ages band play some sweet '80s tunes. Jesse sitting at the bar with our friends and family who are super supportive. We were lucky enough to have our good friend Leah


sing "Mad World" with us at the end of our set. The song is really fun to play and has been a great addition to the set. Playing it with Leah is always great because she has such a beautiful, soulful voice. The X Bar was a fun place to play and had a really interesting sound to it, the vocals carried very well and even though the stage was not very deep, it was pretty long and made it interested to setup and play on. We didn't get a chance to go bowling unfortunately, but maybe next time we can get in a game or two!

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