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A New Element

Crimes of Passion has a new member! Meet Greg, the key man. Greg is singing and playing keys with the band now, and adding a whole new level of awesome. Classically trained on piano, Greg's extensive knowledge of chords and great power and pitch in his vocals add depth to the band.

I met Greg in Brit Lit. He was on the other side of the room and I was probably day dreaming about guitars or orange things, when the teacher asked if someone could read some lines from Shakespeare's As You Like It. I heard the person reciting the lines like a real Shakespearean actor and immediately thought "I bet he can sing." A few days later I approached Greg and asked him to jam.

Greg's first show with the band will be June 11th at JJ's Blues Bar in San Jose. Be sure to catch this show, you've never heard us like this before!

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