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Crimes of Passion, artwork by Dana G
Streetlight Records, San Jose 3.7.15
Ramin recording some drums
Photo Credit: Shawn Perryman
EP available to download now!
X Bar in Sunnyvale, CA Jan 2015
Cupertino, CA December 2014
Mountain View, CA December 2014
Ice Center Cupertino December 2013
Santa Cruz, CA


COP live on KMVT
crimes of passion at streetlight
Juliana at the Brit
Ramin at practice
Jesse recording
Graphic by Dana Geiger
Crimes of Passion at the Ice Center
Ryan recording
Ramin recording drums
Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 2.05.04 PM
Crimes of Passion at the X Bar
Ramin recording drums
Friends at the X Bar
Ramin and Jesse at the Brit
Ramin and Ryan at the Brit
Juliana at Streetlight Records, SC
Jesse tuning
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